Croatian folktales

adapted and selected for this edition by Sanja Lovrenčić

Leykam international Zagreb, 2011.

24 cm, 103 str.

tvrdi povez, latinica

ISBN: 9789537534677

Eleven of the most beautiful Croatian folktales make the little readers and those young at heart read them over and over again. So, one goodnight story changes into two stories, maybe three... The fox, the cat, the bear, the little frog and the little fairy cannot wait to meet new friends of the tales inhabited by magic and lore. \ \ Contents: \ The cat and the fox \ And the third son was a real bandit \ The glutton \ How a soldier became king \ The rabbit, the bear, the man, and the fox \ The servant charged the master \ The rooster’s company \ The young man and the devil emperor \ The little frog girl \ The birdman and the black crow \ The little fairy

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