Slovenia in Your hands : travel guide

Vladimir Dulović

Komshe D.O.O. Beograd, 2013.

22 cm, 269 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9788686245168

This is the first edition of the Komshe travel guidebook to Slovenia, written and published by travel specialists from Southeastern Europe. The guide is divided into sections covering 5 regions of Slovenia (including the capital, Ljubljana), with more than 100 tourist destinations. The book includes regional and town maps, accommodation listings as well as other practical information. With this guide you can discover Slovenia’s history, culture, landscape, landscape and cuisine while gaining an understanding of customs, manners and more! There are other basic, useful facts: visas, health and security, transport, banks and currency, active holidays, shopping advice, sports activities and other important tips for travellers. There are more than 500 colour photos illustrating what to expect before embarking on your travels. Of special note are places rarely visited by most tourists — ancient castles, monasteries, national parks, and relics of the Roman and Austro-Hungarian and Yugoslav legacy. The guide includes insider recommendations for Slovenia’s festivals, arts, concerts, and nightlife.

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