Landscape Painted with Tea

Milorad Pavić

Random House New York, 1990.

22 cm, 339 str.

meki povez, ćirilica

ISBN: 0679733442

A hugely ambitious, playful, inventive, demanding, magical, linguistically sensuous reading experience." - Washington Post \ By the author of the highly acclaimed literary bestseller Dictionary of the Khazars, Landscape Painted with Tea, Milorad Pavić's second novel, is a tale of misterious quest that is part modern Odyssey and part crossword puzzle. It begins with the story of a brilliant but failed architect in Belgrade and his search for his father, and officer who vanished in Greece during World War II. The truth about his fate - some of it set in motion 2,000 years ago and some of it by the Nazis - is raveled in the history and secrets of Mount Athos, the most ancient of all monasteries, perched atop its inaccessible mountain on the Aegean. \ "Ït is doubtful there is any more distinctive, inventive and unusual voice in literature today than that of Yugoslavian writer Milorad Pavić's . . . He is a complete writer, the real thing." - San Francisco Chronicle

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