Dislocation and Reconciliation in Kosovo : essays on Goran Radovanović's film Enclave

Peter Handke

Nama Film Beograd, 2016.

25 cm, 238 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9788692022715

In addition to the film script written by Goran Radovanovic, original contributions inspired both by the themes and the aesthetics of the film have been submitted by Peter Handke, writer (Austria), Dr. Nevena Stankovic (Art Historian, Canada), Lothar Struck, publicist and author (Germany), Dr. Scott Abbott, Professor at Utah Valley University (USA), Zarko Radakovic, Writer and Translator, (Serbia), Dr. Steven Taubeneck, Professor at UBC (Canada), Bozidar Zecevic, filmologist and film critic (FIPRESCI, Serbia), Professor Slobodanka Glover, Monash University, Australia, Boris Trbic, Professor and writer, Melbourne (Australia) and Srdjan Vucinic, Film critic (Serbia). \ In addition the Book/Monograph ENCLAVE includes original photos from the film sets as well as the stills made during the visit of the film crew with the mobile cinema theater to the real enclaves in Kosovo!

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