Chinese Letter

Svetislav Basara

Dalkey Archive Press Champaign, 2004.

22 cm, 132 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 156478374X

Ordered by two mysterious men to "write a statement of about 100 pages,” the narrator of Chinese Letter—who’s not sure of his name, but calls himself Fritz—faithfully records the bizarre occurrences of his daily life- his absurd conversations with his mother who is abducted by slave traders, his visits to his friend who works in the hospital’s autopsy room, and his sister’s tumultuous marriage to the butcher’s son, to name a few. Widely respected in Serbia, the term "Basarian” has been coined to refer to his unique writing style, reminiscent of the best of Samuel Beckett for its directness, existential pondering, and odd sense of humour.

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