Scholarship As The Art Of Life : Contributions On Serbian Literature, Culture, And Society By Friends Of Radmila (Rajka) Gorup

Edited by Slobodanska Vladiv - Glover

Slavica Publishers Bloomington, Indiana, 2016.

24 cm, 235 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9780893574505

This collection of essays pays tribute to Radmila (Rajka) Jovanović Gorup’s different areas of expertise and demonstrates the diapason of her scholarly and personal impact on the Slavic and linguistics scholarly communities. The essays cover a range of topics of contemporary scholarship, ranging from sociolinguistics to Danube studies and Serbian postmodern art. They represent a cross-section of scholarly debates on Serbian literature, culture, theory, sociology, and aesthetics – in fact, a microcosm of Slavic Studies and Comparative Literature, which mirror Rajka’s life-long interest in diversity and transculture.

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