Tackling foul : refereeʼs additional time

Mića Vujičić

Geopoetika Publishing Belgrade, 2011.

20 cm, 161 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9788661450822

POLOVNA KNJIGA / USED COPY\ Tackling Foul is a novel about a family history which takes place in the last decade of 20th century war-torn Serbia; its story, compassionate and heartfelt, about eccentrics, romantics and relentless fighters in the battle of life, is written with great charm and elegance, unparalleled in contemporary Serbian novel-writing. The author’s perspective of his characters is twofold: they are depicted in their home and family surrounding, and also in the historical impasse of Milošević’s Serbia. The warm and well-intended irony and humor are in fine balance with the ethical issues of the story. Kind and full of understanding, but not patronizing, with tongue-in cheek humor, the narrator’s voice is a highly original creation of Mića Vujičić. With this novel, the author ranks among the most talented novelists of his generation.\ Ivan Radosavljević

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