The Immigrant. The Judge Fisher Story

A. B. Slavkovic

White Angel Media Pittsburgh, 2006.

23 cm, 282 str.

meki povez, ćirilica

ISBN: 9780978680602

The Immigrant. The Judge Fisher Story, a novel written by A. B. Slavkovic, covers the hot topics of the 21st century from the point of view of a 19th century revolutionary who immigrated from the Balkans to America. Inspired by the life of George (Jorge) Fisher, a.k.a. George Ribar (1795-1873), this historical novel takes to heart the words of the famous American poet Carl Sandburg "…all failed societies and civilizations forgot where they came from…” \ The story line follows the fascinating life of Judge George Fisher, a student in a Greek Orthodox Seminary turned freedom fighter, a redemptioner forced to own slaves, a linguist who became a revolutionary and propagandist for the US expansionist cause. \ ". . . Hungarian by birth, Serbian by ancestry, American by conviction, Mexican by choice, and Texan by desire.” He was born Djordje Shagich. \ White Angel Media

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