King Radovan's Treasure ; Leutar Mornings

Jovan Dučić

Vulkan izdavaštvo Beograd, 2018.

22 cm, 390 str.

tvrdi povez, latinica

ISBN: 9788610024630

Witty people are eagerly sought, but seldom liked. They are admired, but feared. For, what ordinary persons cannot forgive others is not money, but talent.\ People sing even when sad, but dance only for joy. And no one dances in his sorrow as he might play or sing, since woe stifles motion and robs us of rhythm.\ What men seek most is serenity. And that is what they always sought but never found.\ As it is, the greatest evils are committed by those who seek no evil but are afraid of life; or, more mistakes arise out of fear than stupidity.

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