The tale of Alexander : a novel

Vladimir Pištalo

Agora Zrenjanin, 2021.

21 cm, 55 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9788660533205

This is a saga about what the world is and what it isn’t, about where it begins and where it ends.\ Using a well-known historical story about Alexander the Great, who conquered the world, the narrator talks about the storytelling itself. Actually this is a novelette about literature, in which we can find dreams about power and eternity, that have been written again and again through four types of Borgesian stories – about a search and comeback, about besiege of the city and sacrifice of deity.\ The reader will find many suprises in this type of narration. Those suprises are not about the intriguing story. This historical, world play, of course, ends as it has to, with nobody’s victory.\ The only winner is a the story itself.\ Vladimir Pištalo (1960) is one of the leading Serbian writers. His novel Tesla, A Portrait with Masks was translated in over twenty languages all over the world.

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