A Concise History of Serbia

Dejan Djokić

Cambridge University Press New York, 2023.

22 cm, 562 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9781107630215

This accessible and engaging book covers the full span of Serbia's history, from the sixth-century Slav migrations up to the present day. It traces key developments surrounding the medieval and modern polities associated with Serbs, revealing a fascinating history of entanglements and communication between southeastern and wider Europe, sometimes with global implications. This is a history of Serb states, institutions, and societies, which also gives voice to individual experiences in an attempt to understand how the events described impacted the people who lived through them. Although no real continuity between the pre-modern and modern periods exists, Dejan Djokić draws out several common themes, including: migrations; the Serbs' relations with neighbouring empires and peoples; Serbia as a society formed in the imperial borderlands; and the polycentricity of Serbia. The volume also highlights the surprising vitality of Serb identity, and how it has survived in different incarnations over the centuries through reinvention.\ \ \ The first single volume history of Serbia and Serbs from the early Middle Ages to the present day in any language\ \ Makes the long and complex history of Serbia accessible to a wide readership\ \ Places Serbia in regional and transnational contexts, and as part of the broader history of Europe

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