The Destiny of Germans in St. Ivan and Other Writings

Rajko Igić

Biographical Publishing Company Prospect, 2002.

15 cm, 126 str.

meki povez, ćirilica

ISBN: 1929882297

In the Balkans generations live "between wars". The winds of war play havoc with the destinies of individuals, peoples and nations, scattering them across the world. Only during periods of calm, and when they have settled down, some able, diligent and wise manage to grasp the chance to fulfill their childhood dreams, a warm family circle they had been deprived of, or a career of a distinguished scientist. \ The fragmented memoir that we are reading, restrained in words but rich in feelings and intimations, leads along lanes in which a villages boy from Pannonian Plains curiously seeks knowledge about the world and becomes a citizen of the New World with encyclopedic view, pondering the paradoxes of modern life and the destiny of coming generations. \ The compassion he feels for the suffering of others, the ease with which he writes, and the unfinished mosaic of life make this book interactive. Thus, the reader can easily identify with the story, and is almost tempted to add his own chapter, based on personal experience. This book is a challenge to many generations that came to the USA. \ Tomisalv Kažić, Professor of Pharmacology, Medical School, Belgrade \

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