Vedrana Rudan

Dalkey Archive Press Champaign, 2004.

12 cm, 211 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 1564783472

Not since Louis-Ferdinand Céline's Ferdinand Bardamu has a character appeared in fiction with such a bitter, ironic, hysterically ranting voice. Tonka—a fifty-something woman spending the night watching TV before leaving her husband for a younger man—rails against all of society, from attacks on America to complaints about commercials, from the passive nature of most married women to the way corporations control the world.\ With shocking honesty and anger, she pours out her soul to an imaginary audience, interspersing her rants with the story of her difficult life, the suffering experienced during the Yugoslav war, and the affairs she and her best friend have with the same man.\ An unforgettable invective, Night marks the emergence of an exciting new voice in contemporary fiction.\ "From time to time the author offers us laughter as a temporary relief from this grotesque life, and occasionally we get lulled into believing that she feels for us as members of minority groups, women, victims, but on the next page we get something like a punch in the stomach . . . Nowadays nobody writes as ferociously as Vedrana Rudan."—Nada Gasic\ "Vedrana Rudan's first novel is a picturesque, unpretentious, ironic-satiric narrative, in which the tragic elements are succeeded by comic episodes, and in which a sharp style and vocabulary serve a singular purpose of diagnosing the Croatian reality."—Sanja Domazet, Danas

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