The White Lune

Darko Šekutkoski

Narodna knjiga-Alfa Beograd, 2007.

12 cm, 252 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 8633130599

The beauty of the novel The White Lune is in the freedom of experience and interpretation, a vast expanse of purgatory between heaven and earth in which everybody finds their own solution and way of travel. The author left the reader the room to think and choose, to condemn or understand. We are rarely ready to confront ourselves and pass through our personality, so life scourges us lest we should fall asleep. It is easy to condemn both oneself and the other and take revenge in the darkness; but it is our deeds that tell who we really are. And the author’s work is a painful process, just like the White Lune, a constant change and humiliation which help us understand the divine nature, the ray of God that makes us alive in the steep precipices of the heart.\ From the review by Vesna Popovic

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