Between Nation and State : Serbian Politics in Croatia Before the First World War

Nicholas J. Miller

University of Pittsburgh Press Pittsburgh, 1997.

24 cm, 223 str.

tvrdi povez, latinica

ISBN: 0822939894

At first glance, this book's narrow scope might make it a minor addition to a crowded field. In fact, it is an important contribution to understanding the perennial Balkan dilemma of a minority's position among a majority seeking autonomy or independence. As Miller makes clear, before the "first" (post-World War I) Yugoslavia, Croatia's large Serb minority was deeply divided by the dilemma of seeking to reaffirm their traditional privileges within the Austro-Hungarian Empire or cooperating with the Croats against it. Serbian parliamentary politics confronted a decaying empire and an ascendant Croatian nationalism disinclined to consider Serbian distinctiveness. The rise and decline of the "Croato-Serbian Coalition" is emblematic of the obstacles to Balkan cooperation and the nefarious impact of the extraregional interference.\ From Library Journal

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