The New Totalitarian Society and the destruction of Yugoslavia

Emil Vlajki

Legas New York, 1999.

23 cm, 195 str.

meki povez, ćirilica

ISBN: 092125296X

"Emil Vlajki, expounds on the role of the outside powers, especially those of the United States, Britain and other NATO members, in promoting and aggravating the conflict and hatred among the peoples of the former Yugoslavia. No doubt, Slobodan Milosevic is much to blame for his rabble rousing nationalism, but ultimately the real mischief-makers and hate-mongerers may be found among the media and leaders of the US and Britain. If the core problem of Yugoslavia was one of inter-ethnic hatred, revenge and retaliation, in the end, Western leaders, media and scholars proved to be the worst culprits in this respect.Professor's Vlajki's book illustrates that the West did not attempt to solve the Yugoslav problem to minimize the tragedy, but instead embarked on their own rampage of hate, hysteria and military violence against the main ethnic group. This did not minimize the suffering of any ethnic group, but maximized that of everybody. The United States became the essence of the problem culminating in their illegal bombardment and destruction of Serbia and the Serbs. But of course, scholars such as Professor Vlajki will be dismissed as lunatics like myself." (Raju G. C. Thomas, Marquette University)"In Part II professor Vlajki reconstruct the process of disintegration of Yugoslavia. I have little to say here, except that it is the best analysis I have read to date. It is clear, balanced and destroys many myths. This is an excellent piece of work."(Osvaldo Croci, Laurentian University)

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