The Great Pyramid and The Bible (from the beginning to the end of the world)

Petko Viduša Nikolic

Mystik Book Publisher Kitchener, 2003.

23 cm, 71 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 0973237139

One side of the Great Pyramid's base is 23192,867 cm long. Two sides together have 46385,734 cm. This is the length of speed of Earth's turning on the Equator in one second. For the amount of time of one minute one point on the Equator moves by 278144,04 cm or 27,8314404 km. For one hour this is the length of 1669,886424 km. For the amount of 24 hours this is 40077,27418 km. This, according to the Great Pyramid, is the length of Earth's Equator.

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