Among the 'Others' : Encounters with the forgotten Turkmen of Iraq

Scott Taylor

Esprit de Corps Books Ottawa, 2004.

21 cm, 208 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 1895896266

The title is derived from the fact that, despite constituting approximately ten per cent of Iraq’s population, the ‘forgotten’ Turkmen are often grouped with other factions when foreign analysts and commentators refer to the ethnic makeup of Iraq. In discussions concerning post-war political representation, it is common to hear specific reference made to Shiite Arabs, Sunni Arabs, and Kurds, while the remaining ethnic groups, the Turkmen, Yazidi, Sabia, Marsh Arabs, etc. are often collectively referred to as the ‘others’.In fact, many people are surprised to learn about the presence of the indigenous Turkmen population, despite the fact that Turkmen settlements were established over fifteen hundred years ago in Iraq. Furthermore, during the past century the Turkmen have been deliberately repressed by successive Iraqi regimes. Under Saddam Hussein’s drastic Arabification policy, little official mention was ever made of the distinct Turkmen society of northern Iraq. Esprit de Corps Books

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