Strategy of deception

Paul Virilio

Verso London, 2007.

20 cm, 82 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9781844675784

Written with his characteristic flair, Virillo’s latest book is a trenchant denunciation of the Kosovo war in which he successfully unites theory with a riveting study of the conflict. Tearing aside the veil of hypocrisy in which the USA and its allies wrapped the war, Virillo demonstrates that the nature of the bombing was set by strategic rather than ethical considerations.\ \ Beneath the humanitarian rhetoric, Virillo sees a sinister innovation in the methods of waging war- territorial space is being replaced by orbital space in which a system of global telesurveillance is linked to the destructive power of bombers and missiles. Governments, the military and the media are becoming part of a seamless and self-justifying process linked by new information and arms technologies.\ \ Passionate and political, Strategy of Deception is a vital examination not only of the war in Yugoslavia but also what Virillo calls our "fin-de-siécle infantilization” in which the reality of battle is reduced to flickering images on a screen.\ \ "One of the most original thinkers of our time.” — Libération\ \ "Virilio is an impressive commentator on the conditioning power of the mass media … he has become essential reading for anyone trying to make sense of America’s out-of-control war of prevention.” — Guardian\ \

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