European memory : A blessing or a curse?

edited by Ineta Dabasinskiene and Leonidas Donskis

Longo Ravenna, 2010.

24 cm, 154 str.

meki povez, latinica

ISBN: 9788880636540

L. Donskis, To Be or To Forget- Politics of Remembering vs. Politics of Forgetting – R.M. Rizman, Identity in the Vicissitudes of Globalization – M. Žagar, European Identities and Education for Democratic Citizenship in Diverse Societies – S. Bianchini, Networking Memories. The Historical Narratives and the Challenges of the European Integration – E. Aleksandravièius, Conspiracy Theories in Traumatized Societies- The Lithuanian Case – F. Miszlivetz, The Spirit of Freedom and Hope- The Meaning and Message of the '56 Revolution – I. Bariska, The Landscape of the Politics of Remembering in Transitional Hungary – M. Bloch, Autobiographical Memory and the Self- Combining Approaches from the Social and Cognitive Sciences\

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